Robert S Murillo

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                                                  the vanity  

It's three o'clock in the morning in Beverly Hills and fiction writer Mike Lundy is standing at his front window, watching a vintage Duesenberg slowly pass by his house.  sitting in the backseat is silent film star Louise Brooks, hoping to recover compromising photos she has left at the house. possible? Yes, if it were 1927.  but mike lives in 2011!    ClickThe Vanityand cross back in time with Mike.

                                        The Make-up room

Mike Lundy pushes his tepid coffee aside as he's about to leave Hollywood's Mel's drive-in when he hears a young female voice call out, "Wait!" The lass rushes across the diner toward him and stops at his table, her blonde hair falling forward covering the right side of her face.  Mike smiles. “Do I know you?" She smirks. "You will... I'm Veronica Lake!”   Check out Mike's latest cross-time mystery by clicking  The Make-up Room.